Faith in Flux: Changes in Religious Affiliation in the U.S.

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(Percentages are weighted by WEIGHT; Total Ns reported are unweighted)

IF CONVERT RAISED IN A RELIGION: You weren't satisfied with the atmosphere at [IF RAISED CATHOLIC, FRMREL2=10000, INSERT: Mass; FOR ALL OTHERS, INSERT: worship services]. Is this an important reason you are no longer (FRMREL), or not?
  1) Yes, important reason
  2) No, not an important reason
  9) Don't know/refused (Vol.)

Category Percentage Cumulative Percentage
Yes, important reason 33.1% 33.1%
No, not an important reason 65.5% 98.6%
Don't know/refused (Vol.) 1.4% 100%
Total N = 1443

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