Faith in Flux: Changes in Religious Affiliation in the U.S.

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(Percentages are weighted by WEIGHT; Total Ns reported are unweighted)

IF Q4P=1, ASK: And would you say that the religion was too strict and conservative about things like abortion and homosexuality, or the religion was too relaxed and liberal about things like abortion and homosexuality?
  1) Too strict/conservative on abortion/homosexuality
  2) Too relaxed/liberal on abortion/homosexuality
  3) Neither/both equally/other (Vol.)
  9) Don't know/refused (Vol.)

Category Percentage Cumulative Percentage
Too strict/conservative on abortion/homosexuality 73.2% 73.2%
Too relaxed/liberal on abortion/homosexuality 19.8% 93%
Neither/both equally/other (Vol.) 1.3% 94.3%
Don't know/refused (Vol.) 5.7% 100%
Total N = 419

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