Faith in Flux: Changes in Religious Affiliation in the U.S.

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(Percentages are weighted by WEIGHT; Total Ns reported are unweighted)

And when you were a child, about how often did you attend religious education classes, including programs like Sunday School (IF RASIED CATHOLIC, INSERT: 'or CCD'), or as a part of the curriculum if you attended a religious school? Would you say: (READ IN ORDER)
  1) Frequently
  2) Occasionally
  3) Rarely
  4) Never
  9) Don't know/refused (Vol.)

Category Percentage Cumulative Percentage
Frequently 61.9% 61.9%
Occasionally 17.4% 79.3%
Rarely 8.4% 87.7%
Never 9.7% 97.4%
Don't know/refused (Vol.) 2.7% 100.1%
Total N = 2867

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