Constructing a Survey

How to Construct a Survey

To create your own survey, follow these steps (links will open in separate windows):

  1. Visit theARDA's Data Archive

  2. Search all files in the archive for a topic. To view more information about a variable, click on its name. This will take you to that variable in the file's codebook.

  3. Alternately, you can simply view the codebook of a particular survey by browsing for it

  4. In either case, once you are viewing a variable in a codebook that you would like to add to your survey, click on the "Add to Question Bank" link that will appear under the question.

  5. The description and possible answers for that question will be added to your survey.

  6. At any time you may click on "Question Bank" in the toolbar to see your stored items.

  7. When viewing your Question Bank you are given the option to remove individual items, clear your Question Bank, or print the Question Bank for future reference.

  8. Normally, Question Banks are cleared when you close your browser. If you would like to save a permanent copy that you can access at any time, click on the "Save Bank" link. To see an example of a saved Question Bank, click here

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