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5/26/1863  - 10/23/1941
Shailer Mathews (1863-1941) was a modernist theologian and advocate for the Social Gospel movement. For Mathews, traditional creeds and rigid doctrinal systems were less important than that each individual Christian attempt to imitate the model life of Jesus Christ in improving the lives of those around them.

Mathews was a life-long Northern Baptist and the dean of the Divinity School of the University of Chicago from 1908 to 1933, helping turn the school into a bastion of modernist theology. He was a natural antagonist to the fundamentalist W. B. Riley, clashing with the outspoken preacher both in Chicago and when Riley moved to Minneapolis. Mathews also used his platforms as editor of two prominent religious magazines and as President of the Federal Council of Churches to promote the ecumenical movement.
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Publication of Shailer Mathews's The Faith of Modernism

Shailer Mathews portrait- Internet Archive- from Twentieth Lincoln Birthday Service address by Shailer Mathews
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