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9/9/1747  - 5/3/1814
Born in Brecon, South Wales, Thomas Coke (1747-1814) was originally ordained in the Anglican Church before being ousted from the pulpit in 1776/1777 for his Methodist convictions. Around the same time, he became a close servant to John Wesley. Being appointed a superintendent of the London circuit in 1780, he later served as a Methodist missionary to both Ireland and the United States.

Coke played a pivotal role in the development of the American Methodism. He helped found the Methodist Episcopal Church in the famous "Christmas Conference" of 1784. At the same conference, both he and Francis Asbury were ordained the first superintendents, or bishops. Moreover, the conference allowed Coke to voice his criticism toward American slavery, an issue that would later divide the American Methodists in 1845.

After taking numerous journeys to and from America, he stopped visiting after 1803, sensing his services were unneeded. Nonetheless, he continued to serve as an international missionary up until his death.
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Thomas Coke portrait 2- Internet Archive- from The Life of the Rev. Thomas Coke by Samuel Drew

Thomas Coke portrait- Internet Archive- from The Life of the Rev. Thomas Coke by Jonathan Crowther

Thomas Coke portrait- Hathi Trust- from Life of Thomas Coke by Warren A. Candler
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