Makemie, Francis 
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1668  - 1708
Francis Makemie was born in Ireland and educated and ordained in Scotland. After a brief stint ministering in Barbados, he started a church in Snow Hill, Maryland in 1684. He often traveled up and down the colonies planting churches and traveled to England to recruit additional itinerant ministers, helping Presbyterianism in ways similar to how Francis Asbury helped Methodism. He helped organize the first presbytery in North America in Philadelphia in 1706.

However, he faced opposition. In New York, Makemie was barred from preaching in a Dutch Reformed church. When he spoke instead in private homes, he was arrested for unlicensed preaching. After spending five months in jail, he won a jury trial. Although religious toleration remained severely limited, the hard fought victories won by Makemie and other persecuted dissenters anticipated the wave of state disestablishment acts a century later.
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First Presbytery Formed in Philadelphia

Francis Makemie statue- Wikimedia Commons- photo by Smallbones.JPG

Francis Makemie on trial before Lord Cornbury- Hathi Trust- from Virginia Presbyterianism and Religious Liberty by Thomas Cary Johnson

Rehoboth Presbyterian Church, founded by Makemie- Internet Archive- from Mackemieland Memorials by L. P. Bowen

Francis Makemie monument- Internet Archive- from Mackemieland Memorials by L. P. Bowen
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Hart, D.G. and John R. Muether, 2007. Seeking a Better Country: 300 Years of American Presbyterianism. P & R Publishing, Phillipsburg, NJ.
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Thomas Kidd has written a useful overview of the contested extension of the English Act of Toleration (1689) to the colonies.
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