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4/21/1891  - 8/21/1974
Georgia Harkness (1891-1974) became interested in religious education after reading an advertisement in the Christian Advocate describing new professions in the field for women. Receiving two religious education degrees at Boston University, she taught applied theology at Garrett Biblical Institute (1939-1950) and Pacific School of Religion (1950-1961). At Garrett, she received full professorship, one of the first females to get such an honor in an American seminary.

During her career, she wrote numerous books on Christian theology, but her most renowned works were Dark Night of the Soul (1945), which discussed suffering and faith, and Understanding the Christian Faith (1947), which became a popular course item to train Methodist ministers. She would retire in 1961 as one of the most well-known female theologians in the country.

She also was committed to ecumenical and peace movements, serving delegate roles for the World Council of Churches (1948) and Board of World Peace (1944).
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Georgia Harkness portrait- Wikimedia Commons

Garrett Biblical Institute, Administration building- Hathi Trust- from Catalogue of Garrett Biblical Institute
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Boston University's Biography of Georgia Harkness
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