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Tony Campolo was a professor of sociology at Eastern University, a Baptist seminary near Philadelphia. Campolo is a prominent intellectual for the New Christian Left. The movement also is known as "Red Letter" Christianity for its belief that conservative evangelicalism downplays Jesus's emphasis on social justice issues. Campolo's Evangelical Association for the Promotion of Education is an umbrella agency for ministries that fight poverty, protect the environment, treat AIDS, and encourage youth education.

Conservative evangelicals long viewed Campolo with suspicion, a feeling that led to a heresy "trial" conducted by the Christian Legal Society in 1985. He was cleared, but conservatives were outraged again during the Monica Lewinsky scandal when Campolo served as a spiritual adviser to President Bill Clinton. In recent years, Campolo has faced criticism from both the left and right for simultaneously advocating for homosexual civil rights while also maintaining his belief that homosexuality is unbiblical.
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