de Brebeuf, Jean 
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3/25/1593  - 3/16/1649
Jean de Brebeuf was born in Normandy on March 25, 1593. After his ordination as a Jesuit priest, Brebeuf traveled to Canada to work as a missionary to Native Americans in 1625. He and fellow Jesuit Gabriel Lalemant were captured by the Iroquois on March 16, 1649. Brebeuf was tortured and killed the same day, and Lalemant died a day later. An account of the martyrdoms of Brebeuf and Lalemant were preserved in The Jesuit Relations. Brebeuf was canonized with seven other North American martyrs by Pope Pius XI in 1930.
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Jean de Brebeuf portrait- Internet Archive- from The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents, vol 4 by Reuben Gold Thwaites

Jean de Brebeuf statue 2- Wikimedia Commons- photo by Daniel Robert

Jean de Brebeuf statue- Wikimedia Commons- photo by Tango7174 (CC BY-SA 3.0)
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The Jesuit Relations and Allied Documents: 1610 to 1791
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