American Jewish Committee Religious Right Survey, 1996

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The 1996 American Jewish Committee Religious Right Survey was designed by the American Jewish Committee and the Gallup International Institute with advice from academic experts (John Green, Ohio State University; Chris Smith, University of North Carolina; and Tom W. Smith, National Opinion Research Center, University of Chicago). The purpose of this study was to gauge and compare the social and political views of the Religious Right with the larger U.S. population. The Survey was conducted during May and June, 1996, under the direction of the Gallup International Institute, using a random sample of telephone numbers. The survey consists of 2 parts: a cross-sectional sample of 572 respondents and an oversample of aligners with the Religious Right of 438. Combined with the 69 aligners from the cross-sectional sample this produces a total sample of 507 Religious Right aligners and 503 other Americans.
Data File
Cases: 1,010
Variables: 129
Weight Variable: WEIGHT1, WEIGHT2
Data Collection
Date Collected: May-June, 1996
Funded By
The American Jewish Committee
Collection Procedures
Telephone interview
Sampling Procedures
Within households, respondents were selected according to the following rule: "Ask for the youngest male living in the household who is age 18 or older. If not available, ask for the oldest female living in the household." A total of 1,010 interviews were conducted, with an oversample of aligners with the Religious Right, determined through a set of initial screen questions about social, political, and theological views. The initial screen questions are variable 1 (ETHREL) through variable 7 (SAVIOR) in this data set.

Additional Notes on Weight Variables:
Weights were created by Gallup International Institute and Hee-Choon Shin of the National Opinion Research Center. For WEIGHT1 (Var 128) the post-stratification weights adjust the sample to match Census Figures on education, age, region, race and gender. WEIGHT2 (Var 129) downweights the oversample of Religious Right aligners to produce a representative sample.
Principal Investigators
American Jewish Committee
Gallup International Institute
Related Publications
Smith, Tom W. (1999) "The Religious Right and Anti-Semitism" Review of Religious Research Vol. 40 (No. 3) 244-258.
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