Detroit Area Study, 1997: Social Change in Religion and Child Rearing

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Alwin, D. (2020, September 28). Detroit Area Study, 1997: Social Change in Religion and Child Rearing.
Respondents from three counties in the Detroit area were queried about their work, health, marriage and family, finances, political views, religion and child rearing. With respect to finances, respondent views were asked about credit card purchases, recording expenditures and investments. Regarding political views, respondents were questioned about political preferences, presidential values, freedom of speech, nuclear war and the interest of public officials. Questions also addressed religious beliefs and experiences, including the religiosity of respondents' parents, belief in and relationship with God, the relationship between science and religion, school prayer, divorce, homosexuality, interfaith marriages, religion of friends and observance of religious holy days. Questions were asked about the views of respondents' religious leaders on issues including drinking, abortion, and test-tube fertilization. Regarding child rearing, questions were asked pertaining to religious training given to child(ren) and frequency of prayer before meals. Background information includes marital status, employment, political orientation and income.
Data File
Cases: 353
Variables: 597
Weight Variable: POPWGT, NORMWGT
Data Collection
Date Collected: 1997
Funded By
University of Michigan
Collection Procedures
Telephone interview
Sampling Procedures
A random-digit dialing sample of residential telephone numbers in the Michigan counties of Wayne, Oakland and Macomb. The sample was restricted to adults 21 years of age and older.
Principal Investigators
Duane Alwin
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