Gallup Poll of Catholics, 1992

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Fiedler, M. (2020, November 5). Gallup Poll of Catholics, 1992.
This 1992 survey of self-identified Catholics, called the "Catholics Speak Out" poll, like the 1987 Catholics Speak Out survey "probes the degree to which Catholics have changed their image of themselves and of their roles in the church. ...[The] study focuses on questions of individual freedom, personal autonomy, moral authority, and democratic versus autocratic decision-making in the Roman Catholic Church in the last years of the 20th century (D'Antonio, Davidson, Hoge, and Wallace, 1989, p. 1,3; 1996, p. vii)."
Data File
Cases: 802
Variables: 54
Weight Variable: WT, WEIGHTA
The original study was weighted from N=802 to N=1623, using the variable WEIGHTA. WT is the computed weight score.
Data Collection
Date Collected: 1992
Funded By
The Quixote Center of Hyattssville, Maryland
Collection Procedures
Telephone interviews were designed by a team, including Dean R. Hoge, William D'Antonio, Maureen Fiedler, and others. Pretesting was done in the Washington, D.C. area. The interviews were administered by the Gallup Organization.
Sampling Procedures
Using random-digit dialing, this telephone poll included only self-identified Catholics.
Principal Investigators
Maureen Fiedler
Related Publications
D'Antonio, William V., James D. Davidson, Dean R. Hoge, and Ruth Wallace. 1996. Laity American and Catholic: Transforming the Church. Kansas City: Sheed and Ward.
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