Gallup Poll of Catholics, 1993

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Hoge, D. R., & D'Antonio, W. (2020, April 19). Gallup Poll of Catholics, 1993.
This study is a "sequel" to the 1987 survey of American Catholics that resulted in the 1989 volume, American Catholic Laity in a Changing Church. The survey was designed to replicate the earlier study, repeating "most of the questions from 1987, deleting only those that seemed no longer relevant, thus making available space to add new questions. [The] major objective was to carry out a trend analysis, to find out just how much the Catholic laity might have changed..." (D'Antonio, William V., James D. Davidson, Dean R. Hoge, and Ruth A. Wallace, 1996, p. vi).
Data File
Cases: 802
Variables: 66
Weight Variable: 1)WT, 66)WEIGHT2
The original study was weighted from N=803 to N=1,449, using the variable WT(1). WEIGHT2(66) is the computed weight score.
Data Collection
Date Collected: April-May 1993
Funded By
The National Catholic Reporter Publishing Company
Collection Procedures
The telephone interview was designed by a research team, including Dean R. Hoge, William D'Antonio, Ruth Wallace, James Davidson, and others. Pretesting was done in the Washington, D.C. area. The interviews were administered by the Gallup Organization.
Sampling Procedures
The sample was selected by using random-digit dialing, and included Catholics in non-institutionalized settings, aged 18 and over. Gallup pollers conducted 802 20-minute interviews.
Principal Investigators
Dean R. Hoge
William D'Antonio
Related Publications
D'Antonio, William V., James D. Davidson, Dean R. Hoge, and Ruth Wallace. 1996. Laity American and Catholic: Transforming the Church. Kansas City: Sheed and Ward.
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