Harris 1969 New York City Racial and Religious Survey, No. 1925, Jewish

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This study commissioned by the Ford Foundation, studies black-Jewish relations in New York City to determine points of contact between the groups and delineate current and future conflict areas. Attitudes underlying conflict or cooperation as well as perceptions of non-black, non-Jewish population are also examined. Questions were asked in the areas of race relations, discrimination, alienation, community relations, anti-Semitism, integration, religion, violence, and black and Jewish relations. The HAR69JEW is the sample consisting of only of those who identified their religion as Jewish. This survey is related to the HAR69BLK (black sample) and the HAR69NJW (non-Jewish-white sample).
Data File
Cases: 634
Variables: 336
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: April 1969
Funded By
Commissioned by the Ford Foundation
Collection Procedures
Harris conducted face-to-face interviews.
Sampling Procedures
Harris obtained a cross-section sample of New York City residents. Black, Jewish, and non-Jewish-white supplement samples were also taken. (The Odum Institute)
Principal Investigators
Louis Harris and Associates, Inc.
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