Beliefs and Inter-Church Relations, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, 1987

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Becker, P. M., Becker, E. M., & O'Hara, J. (2020, September 3). Beliefs and Inter-Church Relations, Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, 1987.
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod conducted a series of surveys from a single panel of respondents. The four surveys were designed to determine members' positions on a variety of issues, including theological beliefs, the role of families in the Church, the life of congregations' members and pastors responsibilities, and the effectiveness and breadth of ministries within the Church. This is the fourth of the four surveys and focuses on the beliefs and inter-church relations within the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod.
Data File
Cases: 1,449
Variables: 150
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: 1985-1987
Funded By
The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod
Sampling Procedures
Stratified random sample of congregations with a random sample within congregations for respondents
Principal Investigators
Peter M. Becker
Elizabeth M. Becker
John O'Hara
Codes for CWSTATUS
1001 Parish pastors
1002 Institution chaplains
1003 LCMS college/seminary
1006 Administration-synod
1007 Auxiliaries
1011 Associate pastor
1012 Assistant pastor
1013 Pastor to the deaf
1014 Missionary-at-large
1022 Campus pastor
1032 LCMS high school
1033 VALPO
1061 Administrator-district
1071 Listed service organization
1072 LCUSA-other
2001 Teacher-elementary
2002 Teacher-college/seminary
2003 Teacher-high school
2005 Teacher-administrator
2006 Teacher-D C E
2009 Teacher-institute-auxiliary
3012 Deaconess
3013 Director of evangelism
3014 Lay minister
3015 Lay teacher
3016 Parish assistant
3017 Parish worker
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