Winthrop University Student Religion Survey, 1996

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This study was designed by the principal investigator and his students in an upper-division sociology of religion course. The survey items were formulated around key issues in class and administered to Winthrop University students in General Education classes. The topics covered include religious background and behavior, spiritual beliefs, and attitudes toward deviant religious groups.
Data File
Cases: 306
Variables: 46
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: Fall, 1996
Collection Procedures
Self-report questionnaire
Sampling Procedures
The target population for this survey was students at Winthrop University, a state university in South Carolina. The sample was drawn from students in lower-division General Education classes. Classes were surveyed with the consent of professors. There is no information on response rate, though refusals were quite rare.
Principal Investigators
Douglas Eckberg
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