Religious Human Rights NGOs

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Bush, E., Fan, Y., & Viola, D. (2021, September 6). Religious Human Rights NGOs.
This dataset examines religious non-governmental organizations that focus on human rights. The dataset contains information about each organization's founding, organizational structure, online presence, geographical focuses, human rights emphases, religious identity, and U.N. consultative status.
Data File
Cases: 640
Variables: 44
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: 2011
Original Survey (Instrument)
Religious Human Rights NGOs
Funded By
The John Templeton Foundation
Collection Procedures
Most of the information about the organizations was coded from each organization's website rather than from the Human Rights Internet. For those cases that did not have websites, information was coded from organizational profiles within the HRI directory, which contain brief descriptions of each organizations' mission, activities, etc.
Sampling Procedures
The cases in this dataset are human rights organizations and programs that were initially identified using the "organizations database" by the Human Rights Internet (HRI). It contains only those organizations that were among those classified by HRI as "religious oriented" (n=826).
Principal Investigators
Evelyn Bush, Associate Professor of Sociology (at Rose Hill), Fordham University

Graduate Assistants:
YuYu Fan
Dominique Viola
Please read the original survey, which contains critical information about how the data were collected and organized.
Please include Evelyn Bush, the Human Rights Internet, and the Association of Religion Data Archives in citations for papers which use this data.
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