Annual Church Profile For Southern Baptist Convention Churches - Sunday School, 1985

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The Southern Baptist Convention Annual Church Profile (ACP) seeks to preserve Southern Baptist history while collecting data on the ministries occurring in Southern Baptist churches. Another goal of the ACP is to allow individual Southern Baptist churches to examine their own progress of ministry and growth. Church clerks for Southern Baptist churches compile information, including church membership, Sunday school, discipleship, finances and mission data. This data file focuses on the ACP's Sunday school reports for 1985.
Data File
Cases: 36,989
Variables: 22
Weight Variable: None
Data Collection
Date Collected: 1985
Collection Procedures
Data come from self-report forms, which are completed by church clerks, for all Southern Baptist Convention churches. The forms are collected at the end of each associational year and are used to assess individual church, associational, state and SBC-wide records.
Principal Investigators
Southern Baptist Convention
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