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Denominational Profile



Methodist Episcopal Church (1844)

merged intoMethodist Church (1939-1968) (1939)


split into  African Methodist Episcopal Church (1816)
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
Free Methodist Church of North America (1860)
Methodist Episcopal Church, South
Methodist Protestant Church (1830)
Pillar of Fire (1917)
Reformed Methodist Church (1914)
Union Church of Africans (1813)
Wesleyan Methodist Church of America (1843)

Membership Data

Year Clergy Churches Members
1925 18,598 26,455 4,516,806
1929 18,060 25,598 4,589,664
1931 - - 4,135,775
1933 - 24,721 4,140,152
1935 15,741 24,485 4,345,108
1937 - 24,295 4,364,342

Data were taken from the National Council of Churches' Historic Archive CD and recent editions of the Yearbook of American and Canadian Churches. The National Council of Churches' data collection was discontinued after the 2012 Yearbook was published, and has been resumed by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB). The tables and graphs will be updated when the new collection is available. See the Yearbook of Churches. Denomination descriptions provided by Dr. J. Gordon Melton, Director, Institute for the Study of American Religion (ISAR). [More information on data sources]

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