Sociologists, psychologists, health researchers, economists and other social and behavioral scientists know about the importance of proper measurement. The Measurement Wizard provides tools designed for comparing and evaluating measures of religion, spirituality and other related measures. The Measurement Wizard provides two tools:

Single-Item Measures

Many key concepts in the study of religion, such as Biblical literalism, are operationalized utilizing single questions from surveys. The Measurement Wizard provides detailed information on single-item measures for 165 religious and non-religious concepts.

Some concepts have relatively few survey questions and the measures show little variation, e.g., the concept of reincarnation has only 18 questions with little variation. Others have hundreds of measures and the measures displayed so much variation that the coders placed them into multiple subcategories, e.g., the concept Church Attendance, Frequency of has 305 questions from 169 different surveys that are organized into 14 sub categories.

After selecting a specific Single-Item measure, three options (tabs) become available:

  1. The "Custom Comparisons" tab facilitates easier comparisons by limiting the questions shown. Users can filter the questions displayed by selecting specific categories or characteristics of the surveys included.
  2. The "By Category" tab lists all of the questions tagged for a concept, but organizes them by the subcategories created by the project team.
  3. The "All Questions" tab offers a complete list of the survey questions used to measure the concept.

From each of these tabs, users can view the full question wording, complete category labels and frequency tables. Plus, they can save the question to their own question bank and link directly to original survey asking the question to view question ordering.

Multi-Item Measures (Scales and Indices)

Many measures of religion, such as fundamentalism or religiosity, are multi-item measures; scales or indices created by aggregating the responses to a series of survey questions about related topics. The Measurement Wizard provides information on 100 multi-item measures.

Once a multi-item measure has been selected, several pieces of information will be presented:

  1. The name of the measure and date it was developed/proposed.
  2. A description of the measure.
  3. Link to a related file in our data archive, if applicable.
  4. Citations to books or articles with details about the measure, if applicable.
  5. General instructions necessary for recreating the measure, if applicable.
  6. Every question/item that is part of the measure, with full question wording and category labels.
  7. Below each question, if applicable, any required recodes necessary for reproducing the measure.
Contact Us

If you have suggestions for a measure that should be added to the Measurement Wizard, or find an error or omission, please contact us.

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