Gross Regional Income Per Capita (PPP 2008 US $)
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The following list ranks regions based on the average per capita income in 2010 (in purchasing power parity-adjusted 2008 U.S. dollars). Source: The United Nations Human Development Reports.

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1Northern America 46282.0
2Australia/New Zealand 36483.0
3Western Europe 35751.0
4Northern Europe 34887.0
5Southern Europe 25975.0
6Western Asia 14825.0
7Eastern Europe 14183.0
8Central America 11730.0
9The World 10854.0
10South America 10496.0
11Eastern Asia 10390.0
12Southern Africa 9417.0
13Northern Africa 5783.0
14South-Eastern Asia 4888.0
15South-Central Asia 3665.0
16Melanesia 2557.0
17Western Africa 1722.0
18Middle Africa 1708.0
19Eastern Africa 1160.0
--Caribbean --
--Micronesia (Region) --
--Polynesia --


The data presented in QuickLists are from a variety of sources including the U.S. Census Bureau's International Data Base, the U.S. State Department's International Religious Freedom Report, the United Nations Human Development Reports, and others.

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