Restriction of Economic Freedom (2010)
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The Heritage Foundation/Wall Street Journal Index of Economic Freedom uses a set of objective economic criteria to study and grade various countries for the annual publication of the Index of Economic Freedom. The following list ranks regions based on the amount of economic restrictions placed upon individuals. Higher values indicate lower levels of restriction.

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1Australia/New Zealand 82.4
2Northern America 79.2
3Northern Europe 73.6
4Western Europe 72.6
5Western Asia 65.1
6Central America 63.5
7Southern Europe 63.2
8Eastern Asia 60.9
9Southern Africa 60.2
10Eastern Europe 59.4
11The World 59.4
12South America 57.1
13South-Eastern Asia 56.7
14Northern Africa 54.8
15Western Africa 53.4
16Melanesia 53.3
17Eastern Africa 52.7
18South-Central Asia 52.5
19Middle Africa 48.2
--Caribbean --
--Micronesia (Region) --
--Polynesia --


The data presented in QuickLists are from a variety of sources including the U.S. Census Bureau's International Data Base, the U.S. State Department's International Religious Freedom Report, the United Nations Human Development Reports, and others.

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