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International Social Survey Programme, Religion III, 2008




Started in 1984, the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) is an ongoing program of cross-national collaboration. The program develops modules that deal with areas of interest in the social sciences. These modules supplement regular national surveys. The 2008 religion module includes data from Australia, Austria, Belgium - Flanders, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, the United States of America, and Venezuela. Similar to the 1991 and 1998 ISSP religion modules, this data set includes numerous measures of religious affiliation, beliefs, and participation. It also contains measures of several social and political attitudes. Finally, the data set contains basic demographic information such as age, sex, education, and occupation. For more information, visit the ISSP 2008 website.

The ARDA has added four additional variables to the original data set to enhance the users' experience on our site.

Data File

Cases: 59986
Variables: 362
Weight Variable: WEIGHT

Data Collection


Funded By

The research organization in each country funds all of its own costs and the merging of the data into a cross-national data set is performed by the Zentralarchiv fuer Empirische Sozialforschung, University of Cologne.

Collection Procedures

Collection methodology varied by country. Methods included face-to-face interviews, telephone interviews, postal surveys and self-completion questionnaire.

Sampling Procedures

Sampling procedures also varied by country. For sampling, each country used one of the following techniques: probability cluster sample, stratified random sample, simple random sample, random equal probability sample, or area probability sample. All respondents were 18 years old and older, with the following exceptions: Finland (15), South Africa (16), Japan (16), Russia (16) and Sweden (17).

Country/Sample (V5)

36 AU-Australia
40 AT-Austria
56,1 FLA-Flanders (Belgium)
56,2 WAL-Wallony (Belgium)
152 CL-Chile
158 TW-Taiwan
191 HR-Croatia
196 CY-Cyprus
203 CZ-Czech Republic
208 DK-Denmark
214 DO-Dominican Republic
246 FI-Finland
250 FR-France
276,1 DE-W-Germany-West
276,2 DE-E-Germany-East
348 HU-Hungary
372 IE-Ireland
376,1 IL-Israel, Jews
376,2 IL-Israel, Arabs
380,1 IT-Italy: 2008, first fieldwork
380,2 IT-Italy: 2010, second fieldwork
392 JP-Japan
410 KR-South Korea
428 LV-Latvia
484 MX-Mexico
528 NL-Netherlands
554 NZ-New Zealand
578 NO-Norway
608 PH-Philippines
616 PL-Poland
620 PT-Portugal
643 RU-Russia
703 SK-Slovak Republic
705 SI-Slovenia
710 ZA-South Africa
724 ES-Spain
752 SE-Sweden
756 CH-Switzerland
792 TR-Turkey
804 UA-Ukraine
826,1 GB-Great Britain
826,2 NIRL-Northern Ireland
840 US-United States
858 UY-Uruguay
862 VE-Venezuela

ILO/ISCO - International Occupation Code 1988

110 Armed forces, all personnel
1000 Legislators,senior officials and managers
1100 Legislators and senior officials
1110 Legislators
1120 Senior government official
1130 Traditional chiefs and heads of villages
1140 Senior officials of special interest organisation
1141 Senior officials of political party organisations
1142 Senior officials of employers, workers and other economic interest organisations
1143 Senior officials of humanitarian and other special-interest organisations
1200 Corporate managers
1210 Directors and chief executives
1220 Production and operations department managers
1221 Production and operations department managers in agriculture, hunting, forestry and fishing
1222 Productions and operations department managers in manufacturing
1223 Productions and operations department managers in construction
1224 Productions and operations department managers in retail trade
1225 Productions and operations department managers in restaurants and hotels
1226 Productions and operations department managers in transport storage and communications
1227 Productions and operations department managers in business services
1228 Productions and operations department managers in personal care, cleaning and related services
1229 Productions and operations department managers not elsewhere classified
1230 Other department managers
1231 Finance and administration department managers
1232 Personnel and industrial relations department managers
1233 Sales and marketing department managers
1234 Advertising and public relations department managers
1235 Supply and distribution department managers
1236 Computing services department managers
1237 Research and development department managers
1238 Other department managers nec
1239 Other department managers
1300 General managers
1310 General managers
1311 General managers in agriculture
1312 General managers in manufacture
1313 General managers in construction
1314 General managers in wholesale and retail trade
1315 General managers of restaurants and hotels
1316 General managers in transport, storage and communications
1317 General managers of business services
1318 General managers in personal care, cleaning and related services
1319 General managers nec
2000 Professionals
2100 Physical, mathematical and engineering science professionals
2110 Physicists, chemists and related professionals
2111 Physicists, and astronomers
2112 Meteorologists
2113 Chemists
2114 Geologists and geophysicists
2120 Mathematicians, statisticians and related professionals
2121 Mathematicians and related professionals
2122 Statisticians
2130 Computing professionals
2131 Computing systems designers and analysts
2132 Computer programmers
2139 Computing professionals not elsewhere classified
2140 Architects, engineers and related professionals
2141 Architects, town and traffic planners
2142 Civil engineers
2143 Electrical engineers
2144 Electronics and telecommunications engineers
2145 Mechanical engineers
2146 Chemical engineers
2147 Mining engineers, metallurgists and related professionals
2148 Cartographers and surveyors
2149 Architects, engineers and related professionals not elsewhere classified
2199 Other natural scientist
2200 Life science and health professionals
2210 Life science professionals
2211 Biologist, botanist, zoologist and related professionals
2212 Pharmacologists, pathologists and related professionals
2213 Agronomists and related professionals
2220 Health professionals
2221 Medical doctors
2222 Dentists
2223 Veterinarians
2224 Pharmacists
2229 Health professionals (except nursing) not elsewhere classified
2230 Health professionals (except nursing) not elsewhere classified
2300 Teaching professionals
2310 College, university and higher education teacher
2320 Secondary education teacher
2330 Primary and pre-primary education teaching professionals
2331 Primary education teaching professionals
2332 Pre-primary education teaching professionals
2340 Special education teaching professionals
2350 Other teaching professionals
2351 Education methods specialists
2352 School inspectors
2359 Other teaching professionals not elsewhere classified, extra-systemic. Teacher
2400 Other professionals
2410 Business professionals
2411 Accountants
2412 Personnel and careers professionals
2419 Business professionals not elsewhere classified
2420 Legal professionals
2421 Lawyers
2422 Judges
2429 Legal professionals nec
2430 Archivists, librarians and related information professionals
2431 Archivists and curators
2432 Librarians and related information professionals
2440 Social science and related professionals
2441 Economists
2442 Sociologists, anthropologists and related professionals
2443 Philosophers, historians and political scientists
2444 Philologists, translators and interpreters
2445 Psychologists
2446 Social work professionals
2450 Writers and creative artists
2451 Authors, journalists and other writers
2452 Sculptors, painters and related artists
2453 Composers, musicians and singers
2454 Choreographers and dancers
2455 Film, stage and related actors and directors
2460 Religious professionals
2470 ISCO_COM: Public service administrative professionals
2500 Education professionals not elsewhere classified
3000 Technicians and associate professionals
3100 Physical and engineering science associate professionals
3110 Physical and engineering science technicians
3111 Chemical and physical science technicians
3112 Civil engineering technicians
3113 Electrical engineering technicians
3114 Electronics and telecommunication technicians
3115 Mechanical engineering technicians
3116 Chemical engineering technicians
3117 Mining and metallurgical technicians
3118 Draughtspersons
3119 Physical and engineering science technicians not elsewhere classified
3120 Computer associate professionals
3121 Computer assistants
3122 Computer equipment operators
3123 Industrial robot controllers
3130 Optical and electronic equipment operators
3131 Photographers and image and sound recording equipment operators
3132 Broadcasting and telecommunications equipment operators
3133 Medical equipment operators
3139 Optical and electronic equipment operators not elsewhere classified
3140 Ship and aircraft controllers and technicians
3141 Ships engineers
3142 Ships deck officers and pilots
3143 Aircraft pilots and related associate professionals
3144 Air traffic pilots
3145 Air traffic safety technicians
3150 Safety and quality inspectors
3151 Building and fire inspectors
3152 Safety, health and quality inspectors
3200 Life science and health associate professionals
3210 Life science technicians and related associate professionals
3211 Life science technicians
3212 Agronomy and forestry technicians
3213 Farming and forestry advisers
3220 Modern health associate professionals (except nursing)
3221 Medical assistants
3222 Sanitarians
3223 Dieticians and nutritionists
3224 Optometrists and opticians
3225 Dental assistants
3226 Physiotherapists and related associate professionals
3227 Veterinary assistants
3228 Pharmaceutical assistants
3229 Modern health associate professionals (except nursing) not elsewhere classified
3230 Nursing and midwifery associate professionals
3231 Nursing associate professionals
3232 Midwifery associate professionals
3240 Traditional medicine practitioners and faith healers
3241 Traditional medicine practitioners
3242 Faith healers
3300 Teaching associate professionals
3310 Primary education teaching associate professionals
3320 Pre-primary education teaching associate professionals
3330 Special education teaching associate professionals
3340 Other teaching associate professionals
3400 Other associate professionals
3410 Finance and sales associate professionals
3411 Securities and finance dealers and brokers
3412 Insurance representatives
3413 Estate agents
3414 Travel consultants and organisers
3415 Technical and commercial sales representatives
3416 Buyers
3417 Appraisers, valuers and auctioneers
3419 Finance and sales associate professionals not elsewhere classified
3420 Business services agents and trade broker
3421 Trade brokers
3422 Clearing and forwarding agents
3423 Employment agents and labour contractors
3429 Other business services agents and trade brokers not elsewhere classified
3430 Administrative associate professionals
3431 Administrative secretaries and related associate professionals
3432 Legal and related business associate professionals
3433 Bookkeepers
3434 Statistical, mathematical and related associate professionals
3439 Administrative associate professionals not elsewhere classified
3440 Customs, tax and related government associate professionals
3441 Customs and border inspectors
3442 Government tax and excise officials
3443 Government social benefits officials
3444 Government licensing officials
3449 Customs, tax and related government associate professionals not elsewhere classified
3450 Police inspectors and detectives
3460 Social work associate professionals
3470 Artistic, entertainment and sports associate professionals
3471 Decorators and commercial designers
3472 Radio, television and other announcers
3473 Clowns, magicians, acrobats and related associate professionals
3474 Clowns, magicians, acrobats and related associate professionals
3475 Athletes, sportspersons and related associate professional
3480 Religious associate professionals
4000 Office worker, clerks
4100 Office clerks
4110 Secretaries and keyboard-operating clerks
4111 Stenographers and typists
4112 Word-processor and related operators
4113 Data entry operators
4114 Calculating machine operators
4115 Secretaries
4120 Numerical clerks
4121 Accounting and bookkeeping clerks
4122 Statistical and finance clerks
4130 Material-recording and transport clerks
4131 Stock clerks
4132 Production clerks
4133 Transport clerks
4140 Library, mail and related clerks
4141 Library and filing clerks
4142 Mail carriers and sorting clerks
4143 Coding, proof-reading and related clerks
4144 Scribes and related workers
4190 Other office clerks, also assisting spouse
4200 Customer services clerks
4210 Cashiers, tellers and related clerks
4211 Cashiers and ticket clerks
4212 Tellers and other counter clerks
4213 Bookmakers and croupiers
4214 Pawnbrokers and money-lenders
4215 Debt-collectors and related workers
4220 Client information clerks
4221 Travel agency and related clerks
4222 Receptionists and information clerks
4223 Telephone switchboard operators
4400 Post office, higher civil service
4500 Railway official, higher civil service
5000 Personal service, sale
5100 Personal and protective services workers
5110 Travel attendants and related workers
5111 Travel attendentsand travel stewards
5112 Transport conductors
5113 Travel guides
5120 Housekeeping and restaurant services workers
5121 Housekeepers and related workers
5122 Cooks
5123 Waiters, waitresses and bartenders
5130 Personal care and related workers
5131 Child care workers
5132 Institution-based personal care workers
5133 Home-based personal care workers
5139 Personal care and related workers not elsewhere classified
5140 Other personal services workers
5141 Hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and related workers
5142 Companions and valets
5143 Undertakers and embalmers
5149 Other personal services workers nec
5150 Astrologers, fortune-tellers and related workers
5151 Astrologers and related workers
5152 Fortune-tellers and related workers
5160 Protective services workers
5161 Fire-fighters
5162 Police officers
5163 Prison guards
5169 Protective services workers nec
5200 Models, salespersons and demonstrators
5210 Fashion and other models
5220 Shop salespersons and demonstrators
5230 Stall and market salespersons
6000 Skilled agriculturaland fishery worker
6100 Market-oriented skilled agricultural and fishery workers
6110 Market gardeners and crop growers
6111 Field crop and vegetable growers
6112 Tree and shrub crop growers
6113 Gardeners, horticultural and nursery growers
6114 Mixed-crop growers
6120 Market-oriented animal producers and related workers
6121 Dairy and livestock producers
6122 Poultry producers
6123 Apiarists and sericulturists
6124 Mixed animal producers
6129 Market-oriented animal producers nec
6130 Market-oriented crop animal producer
6140 Forestry and related worker
6141 Forestry workers and logger
6142 Charcoal burners and related worker
6150 Fishery workers, hunters and trappers
6151 Aquatic-life cultivation worker
6152 Inland and coastal waters fishery workers
6153 Deep-sea fishery worker
6154 Hunters and trappers
6200 Subsistence agricultural and fishery workers
6210 Subsistence agricultural and fishery workers
7000 Craft and trade workers
7100 Extraction and building trades worker
7110 Miners, shot firers, stone cutters and carvers
7111 Miners and quarry workers
7112 Shotfirers and blasters
7113 Stone splitters, cutters and carvers
7120 Building frame and related trades workers
7121 Builders, traditional materials
7122 Bricklayers and stonemasons
7123 Concrete placers, concrete finishers and related workers
7124 Carpenters and joiners
7129 Building frame and related trades workers not elsewhere classified
7130 Building finishers and related trades workers
7131 Roofers
7132 Floor layers and tile setters
7133 Plasterers
7134 Insulation workers
7135 Glaziers
7136 Plumbers and pipe fitters
7137 Building and related electricians
7140 Painters, building structure cleaners and related trades workers
7141 Painters and related workers
7142 Varnishers and related painters
7143 Building structure cleaners
7200 Metal, machinery and related trades workers
7210 Metal moulders, welders, sheet-metal workers, structural metal preparers and related trades workers
7900 Master craftsmen, supervisors
8000 Plant and machine operators and assemblers
8100 Stationary-plant and related operators
8110 Mining- and mineral-processing-plant operators
8111 Mining-plant operators
8112 Mineral-ore and stone-processing-plant operators
8113 Well drillers and borers and related workers
8120 Metal-processing-plant operators
8121 Ore and metal furnace operators
8122 Metal melters, casters
8123 Metal-heat-treating-plant operators
8124 Metal drawers and extruders
8130 Glass, ceramics and related plant operators
8131 Glass, ceramics kiln and related machine operators
8139 Glass, ceramics and related plant operators not elsewhere classified
8140 Wood-processing- and papermaking-plant operators
8141 Wood-processing-plant operators
8142 Paper-pulp plant operators
8143 Paper making-plant operators
8150 Chemical-processing-plant operators
8151 Crushing-, grinding- and chemical mixing-machinery operators
8152 Chemical-heat-treating-plant operators
8153 Chemical-filtering- and separating-equipment operators
8154 Chemical-still and reactor operators (except petroleum and natural gas)
8155 Petroleum and natural-gas-refining-plant operators
8159 Chemical-processing-plant operators not elsewhere classified
8160 Power-production and related plant operators
8161 Power-production plant operators
8162 Steam-engine and boiler operators
8163 Incinerator, water-treatment and related operators
8170 Automated-assembly-line and industrial-robot operators
8171 Automated-assembly-line operators
8172 Industrial-robot operators
8200 Machine operators and assemblers
8210 Metal- and mineral-products machine operators
8211 Machine-tool operators
8212 Cement and other mineral products machine operators
8220 Chemical-products machine operators
8221 Pharmaceutical- and toiletry-products machine operators
8222 Ammunition products machine operator
8223 Metal finishing-, plating and coating-machine operators
8224 Photographic-products machine operator
8229 Chemical-products machine operators not elsewhere classified
8230 Rubber- and plastic-products machine operators
8231 Rubber-products machine operators
8232 Plastic-products machine operators
8240 Wood-products machine operators
8250 Printing-, binding- and paper-products machine operators
8251 Printing-machine operators
8252 Bookbinding-machine operators
8253 Paper-products machine operators
8260 Textile, fur- and leather-products machine operators
8261 Fibre-preparing-, spinning- and winding-machine operators
8262 Weaving- and knitting-machine operators
8263 Sewing-machine operators
8264 Bleaching-, dyeing- and cleaning-machine operators
8265 Fur- and leather-preparing-machine operators
8266 Shoemaking- and related machine operators
8269 Textile-, fur- and leather-products machine operators not elsewhere classified
8270 Food and related products machine operators
8271 Meat- and fish-processing-machine operators
8272 Dairy-products machine operators
8273 Grain- and spice-milling-machine operators
8274 Baked-goods, cereal and chocolate-products machine operators
8275 Fruit-, vegetable- and nut-processing-machine operators
8276 Sugar production machine operators
8277 Fruit-, vegetable- and nut-processing-machine operators
8278 Beverage machine operators
8279 Tobacco production machine operators
8280 Assemblers
8281 Mechanical-machinery assemblers
8282 Electrical-equipment assemblers
8283 Electronic-equipment assemblers
8284 Metal-, rubber- and plastic-products assemblers
8285 Wood and related products assemblers
8286 Paperboard, textile and related products assemblers
8290 Other machine operators and assemblers
8300 Drivers and mobile-plant operators
8310 Locomotive-engine drivers and related workers
8311 Locomotive-engine drivers
8312 Railway brakers, signallers and shunters
8320 Motor-vehicle drivers
8321 Motor-cycle drivers
8322 Car, taxi and van drivers
8323 Bus and tram drivers
8324 Heavy truck and lorry drivers
8330 Agricultural and other mobile-plant operators
8331 Motorised farm and forestry plant operators
8332 Motorised farm and forestry plant operators
8333 Crane, hoist and related plant operators
8334 Lifting-truck operators
8340 Ships deck crews and related workers
9000 Elementary occupations
9100 Sales and services elementary occupations
9110 Street vendors and related workers
9111 Street food vendors
9112 Street vendors, non-food products
9113 Door-to-door, telephone salesperson
9120 Shoe cleaning and other street services elementary occupations
9130 Domestic and related helpers, cleaners and launderers
9131 Domestic helpers and cleaners
9132 Helpers and cleaners in offices, hotels and other establishments
9133 Hand-launderers and pressers
9140 Building caretakers, window and related cleaners
9141 Building caretakers
9142 Vehicle, window and related cleaners
9150 Messengers, porters, doorkeepers and related workers
9151 Messengers, package and luggage porters and deliverers
9152 Doorkeepers, watchpersons and related workers
9153 Vending-machine money collectors, meter readers and related workers
9160 Garbage collectors and related labourers
9161 Garbage collectors
9162 Sweepers and related labourers
9200 Agricultural, fishery and related labourers
9210 Agricultural, fishery and related labourers
9211 Farm-hands and labourers
9212 Forestry labourers
9213 Fishery, hunting and trapping labourers
9300 Labourers in mining, construction, manufacturing and transport
9310 Mining and construction labourers
9311 Mining and quarrying labourers
9312 Construction and maintenance labourers: roads, dams and similar constructions
9313 Building construction labourers
9320 Manufacturing labourers
9321 Assembling labourers
9322 Hand packers and other manufacturing labourers
9330 Transport labourers and freight handlers
9331 Hand or pedal vehicle drivers
9332 Drivers of animal-drawn vehicles and machinery
9333 Freight handlers
9996 Not classifiable;inadequately described
9997 Refused
9998 Don't know
9999 NA

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