ARDA Lesson Plans

The ARDA Lesson Plans integrate content from the ARDA and other sources into teachable units. Nine lessons plans are listed below. Each lesson has specific learning objectives, relevant readings from which to choose, learning activities to utilize in class, and assessment tools to gauge student learning on the topic. Lesson plans contain links to the ARDA learning resources to make it easy for educators to use the ARDA in their teaching.

The ARDA Lesson Plans can be used in a variety of ways, from constructing an entire unit around religion using each of the lesson plans or picking one or two to incorporate into existing units. For example, "Introducing World Religions" may be useful in a World History course; "Politics and Religion" would fit naturally in a Government course. These lesson plans are designed with flexibility in mind allowing for their inclusion across a wide range of topics and disciplines.

Select A Lesson Plan Below (PDF):

Defining Religion

The Scientific Study of Religion

Is Religion Growing or Dying?

Introducing World Religions

Religion in America: Denominations, Congregations, and Clergy

Religion in America: Beliefs, Experiences, and Practices


Politics and Religion

Religion, Violence, and Terror

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