Each of the quizzes below is written by David Briggs and initially appeared on the U.S. Congregational Life Survey website and the Faith and Leadership site at Duke University. Briggs is a former national writer for The Associated Press who writes the ARDA's Ahead of the Trend column.

The 'quiet virtue' that science says can make us happy, healthy and wise

Evolving interfaith movement faces new challenges

The role of congregations in reconciling faith and doubt

Thy sister’s keeper: Breaking the silence on religion and mental health

Places of Promise: How location matters to congregations

How Americans read Scripture: What researchers know because Bible readers tell them so

The many paths of the road to heaven

What Americans pray for – and why it matters

Hell hath some fury - and potential benefits – for many Americans

Sacred grounds: Elevating the playing field for religion and sports

From entrepreneurs to the working poor, the role of faith on the job

Religious groups still hold moral cards as nation bets on gambling, casinos

Vital congregations and paranormal beliefs

Prayers of thanksgiving provide many blessings, studies indicate

Invisible singles: How churches can reach unmarried worshipers

Make room at the table: Congregations and The Lord's Supper

Food, health and faith

Worshippers may love their doughnuts on Sunday mornings and meat loaf, mashed potatoes and gravy at church suppers. But does church life encourage obesity -- or help combat it? Take our quiz to find out.

Rise in interfaith marriages presents new challenges

Remember the days when a mixed marriage was one between a German and a Swedish Lutheran? Today, pastors may be approached by congregants seeking to wed a Buddhist or Muslim or atheist partner. Take our quiz to explore the changing face of interfaith marriages.

How long, O Lord, is that sermon?

The age-old debate over the ideal sermon length is taking on new urgency in a time of technological changes appealing to shorter attention spans. Take our quiz to explore how congregational demographics and other factors relate to pulpit staying power.

The changing face of online religion

More congregations are following their members online. But many are still evolving in the way they use technology for ministry. Take our quiz to explore the latest developments in virtual outreach.

Navigating the world of Christian nonprofits

The rise of independent churches and the blurring of denominational boundaries have led to a boom in Christian nonprofit organizations. The challenge for church leaders is to respond to the growth of these parachurch organizations in ways that strengthen their identity and mission. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of Christian nonprofits.

How to fill the collection plate

Nurturing cheerful givers is more challenging than ever during an economic downturn. New research provides important insights that could boost the financial and spiritual health of congregations. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of church giving trends.

For better or worse, religion and mental health

New studies indicate that religion can play a major role in mental health. But not all expressions of faith lead to happier, more peaceful lives. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the relationship between religion and emotional wellbeing.

Church finances face long-term challenges

The latest research on giving won’t come as a surprise to Christian leaders: It shows that financial problems run deeper than this recession. Take our new quiz to test your knowledge about religion and giving.

The church in rural America

Rural churches are losing ground as people and businesses migrate to metropolitan areas. But congregations in rural areas also have unique strengths. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of issues and trends facing congregations in rural America.

Congregational conflict in changing times

Periods of change can stress the relationships among church members and leaders. But there's also good news related to such conflict, research shows. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of issues and trends related to congregational conflict.

Differing attitudes about race reflect two Americas

Black and white Christians’ views on race differ. Take our quiz to test your knowledge about race and the church.

Informal experiential worship styles growing in U.S. churches

There is a movement toward more informal worship in the United States. But does that mean churches should change their worship styles? Take our quiz below to test your knowledge of worship trends.

Innovation key to church growth

A willingness to challenge the status quo and to attract new members with diverse worship, leadership opportunities and small groups are some signs of growing congregations. Take our quiz to test your knowledge about church growth.

Investing for sustainability

Many congregations have endured staff cutbacks, salary freezes and deferred maintenance in response to the recession. But one budget area that may need to be increased, even in hard economic times, is programming, recent research suggests. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the relationship between economics and congregational health.

Pet ministries and the spiritual growth of congregations

Religious institutions responding to Americans’ love affair with their pets are adding new ministries, drawing new people to church and advocating greater care for all living creatures. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the relationship between believers and their nonhuman loved ones.

Politics in the Pulpit

Clergy are becoming more politically active, despite evidence that congregations prefer their pastors to steer clear of activism. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of the gap between clergy and laity on politics.

Religious freedom in America

Americans prize religious freedom for their own beliefs but are less protective of the religious liberties of other groups. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of national attitudes and beliefs relating to the free exercise of religion.

Who is No. 1 in religious diversity? Hint: It's not the U.S.

Take our quiz to test your knowledge about the multiplicity of faiths in America.

Young adults open to religious participation

Despite the fears that today's youth are turning away from God, new research shows that young people say religious faith is important to their lives. Take our new quiz to test your knowledge about youth and religion.

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