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After many years as a Methodist circuit rider along the frontier, an elderly Peter Cartwright recounted his life in his popular autobiography. Beginning with his early years, Cartwright recalled his fascination with gambling, which became "a special besetting sin to [him]." His Methodist conversion as a 16-year-old at the Great Western Revival, where a "divine light flashed all around [him]," began a long religious journey that would eventually lead to a career as a frontier minister. He called himself "God’s Plowman" and baptized nearly 12,000 converts.

The book is both entertaining and provocative, and Cartwright’s boldness shines throughout. He calls Andrew Jackson a "very wicked man" and Joseph Smith a "grand imposter," even challenging Smith’s claims to his face. Cartwright’s Autobiography confirms his reputation as a fearless speaker and religious leader.
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Cartwright, Peter

Autobiography of Peter Cartwright, title page- Internet Archive

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