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8/4/1821  - 8/6/1881
James White was reared in the Christian Church, but became influenced by the message of William Miller in 1842. One year later, he became a Millerite minister. Despite living through the Great Disappointment, where Miller’s prediction of Christ’s return failed to transpire in 1844, White continued as a Millerite believer.

In 1845, James White met another Millerite worker named Ellen Gould, whom he married in 1846. Both he and Ellen began to honor the seventh-day Sabbath and held the first general convention of sabbatarian Millerites in Connecticut in 1848. After Ellen started to experience prophetic visions, he began a periodical entitled Present Truth (1849), still published as the Adventist Review today. White was a prolific writer who disseminated the church’s doctrine through his publications. He also served as president of the Seventh-day Adventist General Conference until a stroke inhibited his ministerial duty.
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James White portrait- Internet Archive- from Life Sketches, Ancestry, Early Life, Christian Experience, and Extensive Labors of Elder James White

Ellen and James White- Wikimedia Commons
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