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11/9/1846  - 10/1/1916
Mohammad Alexander Russell Webb (1846-1916) came from a Presbyterian household but viewed Christianity and organized religion in general as "superstition."

His life changed in 1888 while serving as the United States Consul to the Philippines. Having been influenced by the work of Mirza Ahmed, the leader of the controversial Islamic Ahmadiyya movement, he converted to Islam and became a missionary for his faith.

Returning to the United States, he promoted Islam in numerous ways. He founded one of the first American mosques in the United States as well as the American Muslim Press. He also was the sole representative of Islam at the Parliament of World Religions in 1893.

Despite his limited success, he served as one of the first prominent European-American converts to Islam.
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World Parliament of Religions

Alexander Russell Webb portrait- Hathi Trust- from Neely's History of The Parliament of Religions and Religious Congresses at the World's Columbian Exposition

Alexander Russell Webb portrait- Internet Archive- from Three Lectures of Mohammed Alexander Russell Webb by Moulvi Hassan Ali
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