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Ambassadors Amish Mennonite (2008 - Present) - Religious Group

Religious Family: Mennonite/Amish
Religious Tradition: Evangelical Protestant
Description: The origins of the Ambassadors Amish Mennonite date back to 1993, when the Cedar Springs Amish Mennonite congregation was founded in Leitchfield, Kentucky. This group was formed by several families emigrating from Auburn-Franklin, Kentucky, who were part of Beachy Amish Mennonite churches at the time. The new church, Cedar Springs, planted churches and attracted new families. Over time, leaders within the Cedar Springs network became concerned with the Beachy's lack of denominational structure and declining distinctiveness of historic practices. Aided by their larger numbers, they began the process of independence in the early 2000s and became their own denomination in 2008.
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Adherence Rate per 1,000 (2020)

Congregations (2020)

Top 4 Ambassadors Amish Mennonite States (2020)1 [View all States]

Rank State Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Kentucky 5 601 0.13
2 Wyoming 1 63 0.11
3 Indiana 1 139 0.02
4 Missouri 1 120 0.02

Top 5 Ambassadors Amish Mennonite Counties (2020)1 [View all Counties]

Rank County Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Caldwell County, KY 1 120 9.49
2 Owen County, KY 1 104 9.22
3 Green County, KY 1 96 8.64
4 Wayne County, KY 1 141 7.21
5 Grayson County, KY 1 140 5.30

Top 2 Ambassadors Amish Mennonite Metro Areas (2020)1 [View all Metro Areas]

Rank Metro Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Madison, IN Micro Area 1 139 4.19
2 Campbellsville, KY Micro Area 1 96 2.59


1 The 2020 data were collected by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) and include data for 372 religious bodies or groups. Of these, the ASARB was able to gather data on congregations and adherents for 217 and on congregations only for 155. [More information on the data sources]

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