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Maranatha Amish Mennonite (1997 - Present) - Religious Group

Religious Family: Mennonite/Amish
Religious Tradition: Evangelical Protestant
Description: The Maranatha Amish Mennonite Church has its origins within the Beachy Amish Mennonites. During the 1980s, concerns among some Beachy leaders over multiple issues within the denomination prompted a call for restructuring. Some progress was made during the early 1990s, prompted by new guidelines proposed by conservative ministers on 18 issues of concern (called "A Charge to Keep, I Have"), but these efforts were soon abandoned. Nevertheless, some church leaders rallied in response, holding a meeting in Tennessee in 1997. This would become the first Maranatha Amish Mennonite meeting, though the development of the group's separate identity from the Beachys would take several years, leading into the early 2000s.
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Adherence Rate per 1,000 (2020)

Congregations (2020)

Top 5 Maranatha Amish Mennonite States (2020)1 [View all States]

Rank State Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Tennessee 6 875 0.13
2 Idaho 2 162 0.09
3 Kansas 2 244 0.08
4 Pennsylvania 2 370 0.03
5 New Jersey 1 93 0.01

Top 5 Maranatha Amish Mennonite Counties (2020)1 [View all Counties]

Rank County Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Benewah County, ID 1 98 10.28
2 Osage County, KS 1 115 7.29
3 Jefferson County, KS 1 129 7.02
4 Henry County, TN 1 157 4.88
5 Giles County, TN 1 122 4.02

Top 5 Maranatha Amish Mennonite Metro Areas (2020)1 [View all Metro Areas]

Rank Metro Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Paris, TN Micro Area 1 157 4.88
2 Greeneville, TN Micro Area 1 185 2.64
3 Crossville, TN Micro Area 1 149 2.44
4 Topeka, KS Metro Area 2 244 1.05
5 Lancaster, PA Metro Area 2 370 0.67


1 The 2020 data were collected by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) and include data for 372 religious bodies or groups. Of these, the ASARB was able to gather data on congregations and adherents for 217 and on congregations only for 155. [More information on the data sources]

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