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Mennonite Christian Fellowship (1958 - Present) - Religious Group

Religious Family: Mennonite/Amish
Religious Tradition: Evangelical Protestant
Description: The Mennonite Christian Fellowship, also known as "the Fellowship Churches," is a conservative Anabaptist denomination. Their origins date back to the early Amish revivalist groups in Holmes County, Ohio, which were established in 1958. In the latter half of the 1960s, additional Amish revivalist groups, including a group of Old Order River Brethren, factions of New Order Amish, and factions of Old Beachy Churches, looked to the Holmes County churches for assistance. As they assimilated into the Holmes County group, they became fellowship churches. In the 1970s, though, the Holmes County churches merged with the Beachys, but the fellowship churches outside Holmes County resisted; instead, joined the Mennonite Christian Fellowship, also inheriting the title "Fellowship Churches."
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Maps: Mennonite Christian Fellowship1

Adherence Rate per 1,000 (2020)

Congregations (2020)

Top 5 Mennonite Christian Fellowship States (2020)1 [View all States]

Rank State Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Missouri 6 702 0.11
2 Montana 1 95 0.09
3 Tennessee 3 469 0.07
4 Kentucky 2 262 0.06
5 Pennsylvania 5 594 0.05

Top 5 Mennonite Christian Fellowship Counties (2020)1 [View all Counties]

Rank County Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Powell County, MT 1 95 13.68
2 Barton County, MO 1 133 11.43
3 White County, TN 1 245 8.96
4 Fleming County, KY 1 130 8.62
5 DeKalb County, MO 1 81 7.34

Top 5 Mennonite Christian Fellowship Metro Areas (2020)1 [View all Metro Areas]

Rank Metro Congregations Adherents Adherence Rate
1 Maryville, MO Micro Area 1 123 5.79
2 McMinnville, TN Micro Area 1 117 2.86
3 Lewistown, PA Micro Area 1 119 2.58
4 Somerset, PA Micro Area 1 148 2.00
5 Susanville, CA Micro Area 1 61 1.86


1 The 2020 data were collected by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies (ASARB) and include data for 372 religious bodies or groups. Of these, the ASARB was able to gather data on congregations and adherents for 217 and on congregations only for 155. [More information on the data sources]

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