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Event Introduction Type
Albert Cleage and The Black Madonna In 1967, Albert Cleage revealed to his congregation a painting called "The Black Madonna," a provocative start to the Black Christian Nationalist Movement.
Antoinette Brown Ordained by Congregationalists In 1853, Antoinette Brown (1825-1921), a woman's rights activist and abolitionist, became the first woman to be ordained by a Mainline Protestant church.
Bay Psalm Book printed The Bay Psalm Book was the first book printed in English in North America.
Execution of Mary Dyer On June 1, 1660, Mary Dyer (1611-1660), a friend of Anne Hutchinson, was executed in the Massachusetts Bay Colony for her Quaker faith.
Freedmen's Aid Society In the 1860s, the Freedmen's Aid Society formed with the goal of increasing educational opportunities for blacks in the American South.
Half-Way Covenant The Half-Way Covenant adjusted the requirements for full membership in the New England Congregational churches
Jonathan Edwards Preaches 'Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God' Jonathan Edwards's sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" (1741) was one of the foundational texts of the First Great Awakening.
Massachusetts Bay Colony In 1630, a group of Puritans, led by John Winthrop, established the Massachusetts Bay Colony after fleeing religious persecution in England.
Plymouth Plantation Plymouth Plantation was a North American colony settled in 1620 by English Separatists, later known as Pilgrims, who desired to practice their own religion freely.
Salem Witch Trials During the Salem Witch Trials (1692-1693), citizens accused one another of witchcraft, leading to mass hysteria and the imprisonment/death of approximately 170 community members.
The Plan of Union of 1801 In 1801, the Plan of Union united the Presbyterians and the Congregationalists in efforts to evangelize the Midwest.
Trial of Anne Hutchinson In 1637, Anne Hutchinson was put on trial in Massachusetts for promoting "free grace" theology and challenging colonial authorities.


Name Introduction
Bradstreet, Anne Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672) was one of early America's first noteworthy poets.
Edwards, Jonathan Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) is the most influential theologian in American religious history and helped start the First Great Awakening.
Hutchinson, Anne Anne Hutchinson's (1591-1643) preaching and unorthodox theology posed a threat to colonial authority in Massachusetts. She fled to Rhode Island after being excommunicated.
Wheatley, Phillis Phillis Wheatley (1753-1784) became the first published African-American female poet. Most of her poetry contained religious themes.
Winthrop, John John Winthrop (1588-1649) was the first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He was famous for describing the colony as a "city on a hill."

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